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In late 2014 as we eagerly awaited a conversation with our LA County Department

Inspector about the pending opening of our little Mexican Food take-out business called

SHREDDED TACOS, I had a few butterflies in my stomach. “Wow, are we really doing this?”

popped into my head. Followed by, “What are we thinking, we don’t know enough people to

keep us in business past the first month!” Even with 40 Taschen years of rave reviews for our shredded

beef tacos and Jean’s Salsa we were still second guessing ourselves. The local residents would

be the judges, and we would depend on them to be our marketing and PR team.

Well fast-forward 18 months later and SHREDDED TACOS is thriving thanks to locals like you!

Our one-year anniversary was so fun with giveaways and friends helping us celebrate. Now we

head into summer and toward our second year of business! That’s a wholesale jerseys very big deal considering

95% of food and restaurant businesses fail within the first couple of years.

So now we know more than ever what it means to support local business, and we cannot thank

you enough!

It’s not just about ORDERING and DINING at our Mexican Food takeout business. It’s about

your words of encouragement that keep us going. Might seem like no big deal when you give

our staff thumbs up, or write NBA Jerseys Cheap a cheap nfl jerseys POSITIVE REVIEW. But it means the world to us! Obviously our

business is a labor of love, and we take feedback personally. We realize we can’t be all thingsmovie Why Him? streaming

to everyone, but boy do you brighten our day and encourage us when you give positive

feedback. We strive to get better everyday and it’s a result of your enthusiastic words that helps

us achieve that!

Local customers drive LOCAL BUSINESS. Did you know cheap jerseys that when you search for LOCAL

MEXICAN FOOD on Google for example, that people like you who give SHREDDED TACOS a

Google review Cheap Jerseys help new customers find us quickly by increasing our presence? You may not

realize it but your reviews make a huge difference in our business via Google, Yelp, Facebook

and Foursquare. Why not give us positive quick review right now!

Another benefit of supporting local business is the positive impact on the community. Through

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES and FUNDRAISERS, Shredded Tacos is able to give back

to the community directly. We don’t just talk about community; we’re a part of it. In fact several

of our staff attend a local high school, college or university while working at Shredded. We’re

thrilled to be a part of enabling them to achieve their educational goals and to provide positive,

valuable work experience at the same time.

Thank you for supporting our local Mexican take out business. As we look to expand in the

community we truly understand it is only possible because of local support from you!

Joe & Kim



Putting her Italian twist on Mexican Salsa and Tacos, Jean had a hit on her hands. Unless you had a special invitation to dinner, you could only enjoy these mouth watering tacos and salsa once a year...

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